Small Business

The small business can range from the independent consultant who hands over their bank statements for us to summarize at the end of the year, to the owner-managed company with employees and a facility who do all of their own bookkeeping independently and gives us their records for clean-up at year-end.

The small business client will normally have Notice to Reader financial statements, a corporate tax return, T-slip filings (such as T4, T5, T5008 slips), and the personal tax returns for the owner-manager. Our primary goal is tax minimization and managing relationships with creditors.

Examples of clients in this category: insurance agents, independent contractors, small construction companies, start-ups in any industry.

Medium Business

The medium sized business normally has their bookkeeping prepared internally and will have a group of companies. Operating companies, holding companies, and family trust. They will have Reviewed or Audited statements for the operating company and Notice to Reader statements for the holding company(ies).

Our primary objective is to minimize the combination of corporate and personal tax and assisting the owner-manager in meeting their personal and corporate financial objectives. We endeavour to do so while minimizing taxes and managing relationships with financial stakeholders (banks, private investors). We are often advisors for succession planning and mergers and acquisitions for medium sized clients as well.

Examples of clients in this category: manufacturing, car dealerships, general contractors, real estate brokerages, and more established companies in any industry with land and building ownership.

Non-profit Organizations And Charities

The partners and staff in our firm are heavily involved in the community and this translates into a lot of non-profit accounting work. The typical non-profit/charity client will require audited statements by statute or by grantor request. We will provide them with audited statements and complete either a corporate tax return (non-profits) or a T3010 Charity Information Return (charities).

Our primary objective is to ensure that management is following the best practices for financial stewardship in carrying out their programming activities and ensuring that the financial reporting processes they are following are sufficient to ensure that the stakeholders are well informed.

Examples of clients in this category are: neighbourhood associations, sports associations, political riding associations, Rotary clubs, and niche charities that cater to specific community needs.

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We're business accountants that help small and medium sized businesses and we also do work with non-profits and charitable organisations.

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Our goal is to allow each business and individual the ability to reach their goal of maximizing net profit and pay the least amount of taxes. We are also dedicated to our community both with financial support and volunteering our time.

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